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Goljan Pathology Audio Lecture & Notes

Goljan Audio - Pathology Lectures
Contents of the Goljan package


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Goljan Audio - Full set in MP3 (MP3 is upscaled and is now supported by IPOD)
Goljan Audio - Full set in MP3, accelerated (X1.66) - so you can save your time when listening to Goljan Pathology Lectures

Goljan High-Yield Notes 36 pages
Goljan High-Yield Notes 44 pages
Goljan High-Yield Notes 100 pages
Goljan High-Yield Questions
Goljan Pathology Slides
Goljan Notes 484 pages (Comprehensive exam, General Pathology, System Pathology)
Goljan Audio Transcript

List of lectures

01 Cell injury
02 Inflammation
03 Fluid and Hemodynamics
04 Nutrition
05 Neoplasia
06 Hematology
07 Cardiovascular
08 Respiratory
09 GI
10 Hepatobiliary Pancreas
11 Renal
12 Reproductive
13 Endocrine
14 Musculosceletal
15 Skin
16 CNS

Goljan Audio

You will get 2 identical sets of lectures, 1 is in IPOD-compatible MP3 and another recorded at 1.66X - so you can listen to Goljan Audio on your IPOD or Iphone.

Goljan High-Yield Notes

1. Goljan HY 36 pages
2. Goljan HY 44 pages
3. Goljan HY 100 pages

Goljan Pathology Slides

1. 57 Goljan Pathology Slides

Goljan Pathology Notes

1. Comprehensive exam

2. General Pathology

3. System Pathology

Goljan Audio Transcript

Full Transcript of Goljan Pathology lectures in PDF format (not a scan, you can copy and paste full lines of text if you wish)

Pay $26.97 and get Goljan audio immediately - download link will be mailed to you within 12-24 hours.

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